Clear flows and dashboards

Hello, We have several node-red flows with Dashboards. How can you clear all the flows and all the dashboards that bellong to those flows? Or Is it possible to clear every thing ( flow,dashboard,vars,..)?

Do you mean you want to start NR with nothing in the editor (which would mean there would be nothing in the editor)

First I would suggest backing up our current flows - just in case. From the hamburger menu select EXPORT and select the all flow and then press the download button.

Once you have done that, you can double click on each tab and then press the delete button (make sure to add an empty tab) and press deploy and your flows will be gone.

If you really want to go back to an empty system then you can just delete the flows file and restart node-red. It will create a new empty one for you. Make sure you have it backed up unless you are really sure you want to throw it s away. You can find the flows file by looking in the node-red startup log.

That won't delete config nodes will it? You would have to go into the configuration nodes menu and delete them all.

True, I was trying to make it simple for @pfe but you are right that the config nodes will still be there :flushed: