Have loads of unused pages in the dashboard: how to I erase them all at once or in groups?

I teach node-red as part of my IoT teaching, and end up having a lot of unused pages in the dashboard after correcting my exams.

Is there a quicker way for erasing pages other than "configuration nodes" and "dashboard" menu"?

thanks in advance for your help!

Overwrite flows.json with your clean backup?

Or if there are no flows that you want to keep, just delete flows.json and flows_cred.json and restart node-red.



You may benefit from using projects mode.

As @Steve-Mcl Steve says use projects. Then you can create a project and call it something like 'Start-up-flow'. Fill that in with what you need to start the class. Then export the flow as a backup.

Now when you start a class you would:

  1. open the 'Start-up-flow' project
  2. export the entire flow using the 'Copy to Clipboard' button
  3. create a new project with the class ID as the name
  4. from the hamburger menu (top right on the screen) select import
  5. paste in the flow and deploy it.

Now you have a clean flow to start with. When when the class is over you can just delete that classe's project or keep it for future reference.

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