Starting Node Red with a clean slate!

One aspect of reacquainting myself with Node Red that I'm struggling with is that - unless I've missed it, which is entirely possible - there seems to be no obvious way of clearing out the NR workspace and starting a new project with no residue from previous flows, projects etc.

So when I start NR afresh, it shows the last flow I was working with. OK, hit the Plus button to start a new flow, double-click the old flow's tab and hit the delete button. A bit clunky, but it works, up to a point.

But when configuring a dashboard for the new flow, there seem to be a whole bunch of tabs and groups still showing up from previous projects, which is all pretty confusing.

I'm sure I must be missing something obvious, but how do I get rid of all the old references to the dashboard in the previous project please?

Oops, browsing the documentation I see that 'project' has a special meaning wrt NR. I was just meaning to use it in a generic sense, ie a specific activity or set of requirements

Hi @johnd

if you really want to start from a clean slate then you can delete your flow file before starting Node-RED. The exact path to the file its using is logged when NR starts up.

Within the editor, the tabs and groups are 'Configuration Nodes' -

You can manage them with the Config Node sidebar -

Using the project feature of Node-RED is a way to start new projects (in the generic sense) that are not related to any of your previous projects. It is worth to give it a try.

Or you can start Node-RED with the command line parameter of a new flow file - so that will be totally clean. node-red my-new-flow.json