Create other dashboard in node red

Hello everyone, I will put you in context, I have a project already done in node red, I have my flows and my board already done, it is a big project, but I want to do another project, practically have another board without damaging my existing project (since my board contains color settings, clock, favicon, etc), sometimes I think that I must have the red node installed on another device to be able to do another project, which I think would not be practical, thanks in advance

May be you can use the project functionality of NodeRed. So you can do several projects with the same installation.

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Depending on the needs, maybe buy a Pi and use it for the new project???

How does it work or how is that functionality activated? this is the first time i hear about it!!!

the idea is that in a single device to have several projects it would not be convenient to buy a raspberry pi for each project :c

in settings.js you can enable the project functionality:

        projects: {
            /** To enable the Projects feature, set this value to true */
            enabled: true,
            workflow: {
                /** Set the default projects workflow mode.
                 *  - manual - you must manually commit changes
                 *  - auto - changes are automatically committed
                 * This can be overridden per-user from the 'Git config'
                 * section of 'User Settings' within the editor
                mode: "manual"

I already have an existing project, with this configuration can I save my existing project? or just create new projects? :open_mouth:

Try to create a new one. The you should be able to switch to the existing one. The project functionality is part of the editor theme. Further information you can see here: Projects : Node-RED

In reality just a new directory is created where a new flow.json is created. You can always save at least your existing flow. json to save your flow.

Good now I know about that functionality, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Another thing is you could install another copy of node red on your device and use that for the new project. I believe that there is a thread by @TotallyInformation about this.

About the ā€˜projectsā€™ option (I use it all the time) only one project will be running at a time so if your current flows are gathering data or controlling other devices, all that will stop.


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