Issues with creating different projects


I'm currently trying to understand how to create separate node-red projects, but as of now I'm stuck in place.

I have read the guide and followed the instructions up until the point where I have changed the settings.js file to enable for projects:

(value was initially set to false)

But now when trying to restart node-red it automatically goes back to my previous project where I currently have three flows active instead of being greeted by the welcome screen as shown in the guide:

shows instead of:


Any idea how I can start with a fresh flow, in another json file so that I can separate my different projects instead of having them all in separate flows? Or is this just available for Mac-users?

Best regards,

Hi @Unikumet

Node-RED only shows that dialog the very first time you enable the projects feature when you have not yet created a project. After that, once you have enabled projects, node-red will load the 'active' project when it starts up.

To create a new project, select "Projects->New" from the dropdown menu in the right-hand corner of the editor.

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