First use of projects


Today i activated the projects part of Node-red,
I played around with it, and it is Wunderfull!

I have some questions to set up my environment the right way.

  1. When activating projects, all my current flows are now part off project test (i choosed the wrong name), it must be beheeromgeving.
    Now my project folder, json files and the content of package.json have the wrong names...
    I renamed these ( and change the content of package.json) is this the way to solve this?, it does work...

  2. I added a lot of modules to my node-red installation before activating projects.
    A lot off them are only needed for one project. When i look at the original package.json at the root of nodered it does have all the dependencies to all modules

Is this the way to go? Does the root package only has to contain the basic modules for all my projects or does this file contains all module dependencies for all projects together?

  1. Which files/folder do i have to backup in case i have to complete reinstall my raspberry.
    Before using projects i backupped: json file, the settings file and the folder with certificates and the lib folder.

    i think i have to add the projects folder is that enough?

  2. When i want to change and test a copy of my production flows (master branch), do i use another (test) branch for that? (i use projects only local). And if so, when i use a test-branch for that, it seems that only my test dashboad(and flows) is running and not the dashboard(and flows) of the master... Do i use these functionality wrong?

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