Restore projects


I just installed a new rpi 4b with a fresh copy of the latest node-red on the latest buster.
I copied (filecopy) the project folders from my old rpi3b but thats not enough to get the new enviroment fully operational.

I have 2 project with both two branches. What is the easiest way to get these working in my new enviroment, as i told i already copied the folders, cred files etc. and nodered works ok, but is still empty..

i dont use the github part of the projects, only local...

Look in ~/.node-red/.config.json for the projects section and copy over the entries for the projects you want to migrate.

Ok, so i have to cut and paste parts like below from the source .config.json to the new target .config.json?

"projects": {
"projects": {
"beheeromgeving": {
"credentialSecret": "XXXXX"
"activeProject": "beheeromgeving"

Yes. That is the config that Node-RED uses to know projects you have locally. Copy it over and restart NR.

Ok, great!
Another thing i did wrong, i imported an actual json file, but because off the missing nodes, the dashboard is gone, even after installing missing nodes. So i want to undo the import.

Do i have to manually delete all the flows, or is there are easier wayl like reset a project json file or something like that?
i think i have to put a [] in the project json file, but i am not sure...

If you want to delete everything, delete the flow file and restart NR. It will get recreated the next time you deploy.

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