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Hi i am very new to Node-Red , and loving it by the way! I have created my first project using my existing flows , if i decide to delete this project will my existing flows be deleted to?

Hi @magicman,welcome to the forum!

Here is an experiment you can do to discover what will happen. Create a new project and add a simple flow...maybe an inject node connected to a debug node. Deploy and run it so you see it work.

Now delete that project and see what you have left.

Projects are stored on your device in the /.node-red/projects folder so you can look there before and after deleting the project then tell us what you learned.

thanks for your input zeno , i am work but will do it later

Whilst I can see what @zenofmud is encouraging you to discover for yourself, I think your question may be a bit more specific as you talk about your 'existing flows'.

When you first run Node-RED without projects enabled, it will store your flows in a file under something like .node-red/flows_hostname.json.

If you then enable projects for the first time, it will offer to migrate those existing flows into your first project. When it does that, it creates the project directory under .node-red/projects and copies in your existing flow files. Any updates you make from then are made to the copy of the flows file under the project directory. If you delete the project, those flows files will also get deleted. But your original flow file won't be touched - it will still be there, although it won't contain any of the changes you made in the project.

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Thank you @knolleary that was my worry, i would have my existing flows when the project was created, but not any further development that was done inside the project structure
Now i understand , thanks for your response

thanks for the awesome information.

hi @knolleary i also found it did not migrate my uibuilder directory files, /home/ . The project just used the default files for these . All i did was copy these into my projects folder and all was good, just wondered if it was a setting i had missed?

The projects feature knows nothing about extra files created by 3rd party nodes. It will migrate your flows files. Anything else is up to you.

That is what i thought @knolleary but thanks for replying

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