What happens to flows.json when I enable projects?

As I understand as long as you have a project open, the old flows.json isn't used at all?

Is there a way to go back to it?

Is it for users that don't have a project open? No, actually all users (including newly added ones) seem to share the same last used project.

When you use projects, the flows are stored in .node-red/projects/nameofproject/flow.json.

are you trying to have multiple users use the node-red editor at the same time and expect them each to have a separate project?

Yes, but when I look at the files I still see flows.json. Would it be safe to delete it because it will never be used as long as projects are enabled?

Well, I was just playing around with it. But I assumed since there is support for multiple users with separate Git settings, this is intended to have multiple users use the editor at the same time or at least one by one. Isn't it? How is it supposed to be used?

depends what you want the answer to your initial question about going back to it you want... If you don't ever want to go back then yes delete. If you want to go back (by disabling projects) then you may want to keep it.

It is meant so the user of Node-RED can develop and switch between multiple projects - eg like you do with other dev tools. It is not multi-user per se... though of course different developers can work on the same project(s) - eg like they do on git today. If you really want multi user in the same platform then you probably need to look at something a bit more sophisticated like Flowforge which adds that and more on top of Node-RED.

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