How to delete a project?

I want to delete a project

Therefor I searched in C:/Users/[The User]/.node-red/projects

But there is no project in this folder.
It must be stored somewhere else! But where can I find it?

If you look at the startup log you will see th location of the active flow file. For example (this is on a Mac)

28 Mar 06:14:23 - [info] Active project : Ryan_Monitor
28 Mar 06:14:23 - [info] Flows file     : /Users/Paul/.node-red/projects/Ryan_Monitor/flow.json

Thanks, but I'm starting node-red as a service by NSSM and have no command window with logging. I think I have to enable logging in the NSSM editor.

I saw that you can delete an old project in the Node-Red Editor after creating a new project. This was the quick solution for me.

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