How to start a "Project"



I'm new ( started last week) to Node-Red & also IoT developments. When studying Node-Red I found that it really helpful to my work. Thank you for that! I'm trying to build an IoT device which will communicate between 2 clients and have to create a user-friendly dashboard in both ends.

What is not clear to me is the way of starting a project. Is it okay if I continue my work in Flows/ separate flows? or is there any method to start a project? In the end, I want to run my code in a raspberryPi independently.
When I search I went through this description and tried to open the setting.js. But unfortunately, it doesn't work in my Windows.

I'm scared of the way of beginning the project as I may have to connect different sensors, and data analysis, database etc.

I would be very much thankful if someone can help me in clarifying the above.

Thank you in advance.


You don't actually need to use the projects feature unless you want to either maintain your flow using GIT or want to have multiple projects available on a single instance of Node-RED.

Since what you are trying to do is likely to need to run all the time, you could simply start without projects - you can always turn them on later if you need them.

How you get going with your work depends on what you are familiar with and what IoT devices you might choose. Something like an ESP8266 or ES32 is great because you only need some power and the device can talk over WiFi. In that case, setting up and using an MQTT broker would mean that both Node-RED and any devices can talk to each other via the broker.

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Thank you very much for clearing the doubt related to "Projects". I will start my project with Flows.

Up to now, I'm using a raspberry pi B 3 and my pc as clients and home wifi. I have tested MQTT in Node- red & it works. Thank you again that this gave me a confident about the already choosed path. Now I have to analyze and build my project. :smiley: