Now what do i dol ive created a working project?

node red 3.0 on raspberry pi 3b+

ive created a simple project to switch things on and off using a small touch screen in my overlander land rover .... im using a HID relay board and all works fine .. my question is now ive created this what do i do now? do i use the json file? and if so what do i do with it to make my pi a dedicated touch switch panel?

Currently the way you have it setup, the only input method I can see is through Inject Nodes (Either on a schedule, or requiring manual activation).

You could add alternate input methods, like rpi-gpio in nodes, and connect physical buttons to the gpio pins to control the flow.

The 'projects' option allows ou to have different flows saved on your device that you can load into the editor.

If the device is dedicated to a single purpose (flow) then you don't really need the projects option.

I have a Pi I use for testing. The 'projects' option is great because I can switch between projects - within the editor - by picking the project I want to load and BAM it replaces the one I was working on, so I can test whatever I want. And when I'm done, I can go back to the previous project.

Hope this helps you out.

im using a usb so only have one wire to connect it together into the cab ... using physical buttons kinda defeats the whole object really. so i cant use them on a touch screen to switch the relays?

oh i see i think im getting things mixed up - by project i think i did mean flow sorry. so how do i use the flows - by using the json file?

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In that case, what you may want to use is the ui_button node or the ui_template node (both are part of node-red-dashboard), to create a simple user interface for a screen. For even more options/flexibility you may want to install node-red-contrib-uibuilder instead, it's much more powerful but not as quick to setup as the other two.

ok ive created a user interface - looked at what you sugested and looked a bit complex to me - so used what i have played with before and used dashboard - got some user buttons now - thanks for the tip

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