Add config node at runtime


this link describes how a config node can be permanently defined in a node.
I would like to have config nodes added at runtime. For example, to define a list of server accesses. I wanted to use the editableList for this. But I don't know how I can add the config node by adding a new entry to the list. I couldn't get it through the TypedInput widget.

Is there a way to dynamically add config nodes to a list (EditableList Widget) using the "oneditprepare" method?

Hi, that doesnt really fit the pattern of config nodes

Could you describe with a bit more detail what you are trying to achieve?


I want to configure a number of server accesses (about 30 pieces). Passwords will also be included in the configuration. From this server selection, some servers are to be selected for further processing per node. Data should be retrieved from these servers and combined with one another. Depending on the node configuration, different servers should always be used. But the server configuration is basically always the same.

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