Add do/do not follow redirects to "http request" node

since the package node-red-contrib-http-request was removed on Node-Red for Homeassistant on version 11.0 i would like to get one important point back into the regulal http-request node which is the
do or do not follow redirects checkbox which existed on the node-red-contrib-http-request and was my use-case for using this node.

In my case i call an API which wants me to redirect to an URL that looks like "fenix://" which usually opens its dedicated app but in the case of node red the http-request node throws an error:
"RequestError: Protocol "fenix:" not supported. Expected "http:""

I would like to have the option to not follow the redirected.


From the http-request node's Help window


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Oh, thanks so much. I completely have overseen this. It works for me.

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