Add enable buttons to the Pushbullet nodes like the one in the Debug node

I installed the Pushbullet nodes to alert me when an action is taken with an audible beep at my desk. I'd been using the Debug node, which includes a nice button to disable it when I don't need the output, without having to remove it from the flow and re-deploy. But it's silent so I don't notice it until long after the event occurs. It would be nice if Pushbullet had the same enable button so I can leave the node in my flow when I don't need the notifications.

You can enable/disable any node via the option in the footer of its edit dialog. That does also require a deploy to take effect.


I am assuming OP is asking for a feature to disable without re-deploying it similar to a debug node. the enabled / disbaled edit dialogue as @knolleary said requires a redeploy

in such similar situation i use a simple gate control

indeed... happy to consider a PR if someone wants to do it.

Yes. I understand that. But we don't, in general, add buttons to 'normal' nodes as the editor is not a dashboard.

The proper way to do it would be as I described.

I understand during debugging you don't want all the time message to pushbullet (I had this in in telegram) I just had a global boolean context "debug" and for every send node I had a switch that checked if the boolean was true it was not forwarded and otherwise it went to the node. And with 2 inject nodes with a true and false value to a change node to set the global context.

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