Add multiple outputs to one line in a csv file

Hi there,

I am searching for a solution for the following problem:

I am doing a time tracking for my worktimes with Zone Enter and Zone Leave.

As you can see I am writing the weekday, the date and the time of entry in a join node. There I am waiting for the leave time, the lunch break time and the overall working time. When I have six values I am writing the csv file.

My problem is: When I am redeploying in Node-RED the whole flow fails because its not getting the six values.

My idea: Writing the first three values in the file, adding the second three values and then do a line break.

What do you think?

Is my idea possible or is the whole construct not good?

Thank you!




It seems that you are trying to use a simple file as a database. While this is not impossible, the processing is likely to get a little complex.

First thing to ask though is how big the dataset is? This has a direct impact on how you need to process it.

If it is small enough to fit into memory, I would likely recommend that you use a retained context variable rather than a file. The effect is similar - you would still have a file if you use Node-RED's built-in file-based context store but much of the detail around reading and writing of the file is taken care of for you. With everything in a retained context variable, you can simply treat it as a JavaScript variable which means that you can have record creation separate to record updates.

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