Add node installation from other than public site

Hi folks,

Since Node-RED version 1.1.0 this pull request should be live:


I have version 1.1.2 installed, but I don't know how it works:


Even when remove the tarball postfix or the github prefix, I don't get it working...

Does anybody know how I can use this feature to install my node directly from my Github repository?



You don't. The PR let's you point to your own library site, not an individual node.

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Check the design note:

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To spell it out, the feature you link to does not provide any new options in the editor.

It modifies the /nodes admin http endpoint to support a url parameter that can be used to provide a installation source url for a node. Within the editor, the catalog format has also been updated so entries in the catalog can include such a url.

However - this doesn't mean you can now just pass a URL to the /nodes api by itself - you still need to provide the module name that will be installed from that URL.

Coincidentally, I opened a design PR yesterday to consider adding the ability to upload a node's tgz file directly via the /nodes api - as well as the UI changes to the palette manager so it can be done fro the editor -

Whilst writing that, it became obvious that we lacked the ability to do what you're asking here - provide a way for the user to provide a url directly in the UI. That may get rolled into the above design as well.

As an aside, the /nodes docs haven't been updated to reflect the support for url - I need to make sure PRs that modify the admin API also drive issues to be raised against the docs so things like this don't get overlooked.


The reason for my question is that - from time to time - I ask users to install and test a new fix/feature directly from my github repo. And some of them continiously fail to do that, so then I have to publish the test version on npm (which I don't like ...).
Not urgent, but nice to know that it will be available in the future!

They can always do it from the command line if you tell them what to cut/paste.

That is how I do it currently. But then the response is often: "I still have the old version without your new feature..." :cold_face:

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