Add option for special mock-configuration nodes to all network and storage nodes

It would be nice to have the ability to configure a node with a special configuration node, a mock-configuration. This mock-configuration node itself has some little UI allowing to configure a certain set of responses / inputs for a set of criteria like timers, inputs etc. This mock-configuration node is then used in e.g. the http in, out and request nodes instead of the actual http middleware.

It would be useful if the nodes could be configured when the mock-configuration should be used. E.g. via a subflow-environment variable.

This should greatly enhance the native, visual based development workflow by giving stronger ability to maintain test code / flows.

Hi @w4tsn - welcome to the forum.

We have a design being worked on for flow testing that would this very much this sort of thing -

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Great! If not extraordinary :wink: I'll be looking forward to it

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