Add security to the flow or to a node

Good afternoon to all this great community,

Along with the hello, I have the problem of having a flow in which there are nodes that some people have to access, but other nodes that do not, so I would like to hide or secure them.

I would like to know if there is a possibility to hide or secure a flow.

If not, I'd like to add security to a function node or see the possibility of hiding or encrypting it.

Thanks in advance.


AFAIK, there isn't really any way to secure individual nodes or flows.

You can install some nodes in a way that flow editors cannot delete and you can configure a node-red instance to disallow some specific nodes. You can also add a login to the editor. But that is about it.

I think that the recommendation is to have more than 1 instance of node-red. Use a protected instance to prevent access and expose appropriate API style connections.

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