Node restriction from multiple nodes

can we restrict the input of a node from a specific node , or is there any way we can make 2 nodes dependent to each other

Are you designing a new node (to be published to the flows library like node-red-contrib-my-new-node)?


Are you just using node-red? - if so, please move this to the #general category

The answer is different depending on the above ↑

if this can be achieved in node red only then fine otherwise can design a new node also

Node-RED doesn't not provide any way to restrict what can be wired to what.

You could add some custom logic to your node that warns the user when an 'invalid' configuration is created. But there's not way to stop it being created.

You might want to look at this thread as well.

how can we do that ? and do you know what is node credentials used for? how is it used.

There are lots of ways it could be done.

If you can explain more fully what you want to do, we can advise the best way of achieving it.

As for node credentials... Rather than overload this one topic with lots of different questions, please start a new topic. And be sure to provide enough detail on what you are trying to do.

i want to make a node red flow like if i will deliver the node red flow to my client, they could not use all the nodes for their purpose, that is they cant do customization on their own on my node red flow

That seems to be a very different scenario to what you asked at the start.

The adminAuth setting allows you to create a user who can view the flows, but not deploy any changes. Search for "securing Node-RED" in the docs.

But if they are running Node-RED for themselves, there would be nothing stopping them from disabling any security and modifying the flows themselves.

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