Revisit: enable wire checks [Feature Request] Disallow incompatible node connections

I'd like to revisit a topic which was discussed a few months ago, but got auto-closed: [Feature Request] Disallow incompatible node connections

My use-case is that some of the 'nodes' in the flow run on a small embedded system, where NR cannot be deployed to. Those nodes get their configuration data and logical order supplied via Node-RED (I intercept the 'flow:deploy' event, extract required data, and send it to the runtime on the embedded side), but they're not part of the actual flow execution inside Node-RED. In this case, it makes no sense to allow connections between those 'embedded' nodes and 'regular' NR nodes, they're not even on the same system.
Aside from those embedded nodes running elsewhere, there are a set of specialized nodes that facilitate communication to/from those 'embedded nodes' into the Node-RED engine, those should then be allowed connections ('wires') to 'regular' nodes made in the editor.
Is there any way to do this? This is the last piece missing in my application (or at least a check on deploy), the rest is running nicely.

Thanks for your help, great piece of software - been using it for 4+ years and never had to ask a question :slight_smile:


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