Add STL Viewer to Dashboard


I would like to implement STL Viewer in my Dashboard from site:

At the begining of guide there is a note:

Could anybody help me where I should upload those files in node-red folder?

Thank you in advance,

They are just static files so you can use the static site feature of Node-RED, have a look through the comments in your settings.js file in your userDir folder (generally ~/.node-red).

Hi @TotallyInformation,

Thank you for your response,

Unfortunetly, my knowledge is so poor, that I would like to ask you for more details about what I should do. I looked through that file and I don't know which lines I should uncomment and what kind of I should add.

Please help :slight_smile:

There are lots of docs to read :grinning:

Then search for httpStatic.

You set it to a folder name and then you can put anything into that folder and load it as a web resource. For example, put a file called my.html in there with a basic web page and then navigate to http://<node-red-server-address>:1880/my.html.