Add weekdays to date

I am trying to add x number of business days to a date now() and have tried several methods without any success.
Business days meaning Monday to Friday
node-red-contrib-calc-next-work-days 0.0.6 looked promising, but it is counting every day including the weekends after many attempts and testing on two versions of nodered
It can exclude predefined 'holiday' days correctly.

I could do the method of adding all weekend days into the holiday fields and manage it that way, but it seems overly inefficient and a messy work around.

How would you add x number of weekdays/business days to a date in an efficient way that needs no future maintenance?

You can use a function node instead, define the holidays and check for weekends:

const holidays = [
  '2022-01-03', '2022-04-15', '2022-04-18', '2022-05-02', '2022-05-30', '2022-08-29', '2022-12-26', '2022-12-27',
  '2023-01-02', '2023-04-07', '2023-04-10', '2023-05-01', '2023-05-29', '2023-08-28', '2023-12-25', '2023-12-26']

function nextBusinessDay(date){              
   if(date.getDay() % 6 == 0 || holidays.includes(date.getFullYear()+'-'+(date.getMonth()+1)+'-'+date.getDate())){
      return nextBusinessDay(date)
   return date.getFullYear()+'-'+(date.getMonth()+1)+'-'+date.getDate()

msg.payload = nextBusinessDay(new Date())

return msg;

result: 2022-6-20

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Thanks - That still seems to count the weekend though.
If i modify it to be
date.setDate(date.getDate()+10); to add 10 business days it returns 29 June. where it should be 01 July if it was to not count saturday and sunday.

Unless im modifying that code wrong?

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