Adding balena into the Node-RED getting started

Hello, following the contribution guidelines i would like to PR the documentation in order to add another way to install Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi or other devices compatible with balena (e.g. NVIDIA Jetson, Intel NUC, etc.)

I showcased last Saturday during the Node-RED Con 2021 how to deploy with balena the Node-RED block and it should be interesting to provide these instructions to everyone who would like to work more in the edge (or not) :slight_smile:

The proposed PR would create another square with balena+Node-RED on the Getting Started Documentation page. It would go to a similar page like Docker where the Deploy with balena button would automatically deploy Node-RED on the Raspberry Pi and we would also have other sections to explain how to step-by-step install it with the balena CLI, how to add services and more.

What do you think? feedback welcome!


Sounds good to me.

I can help create the icon for the page... I have an SVG lying around here somewhere with all the other icons in.


ok @knolleary let me prepare the PR! Do you need the balena logo? :slight_smile:

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@knolleary i'm working on this branch on my repo GitHub - mpous/ at balena

Now downloading the tools to visualize the changes on my local device. Let me know if this makes sense to you! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @knolleary finally i got all the green lights on the EasyCLA!

Review it and let me know if I should add anything else!

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