Deploy and Manage Hundreds of Devices across the country


I'm looking for some guidance regarding bulk deployment and management of devices.

I'm looking into using or similar to allow me to deploy and manage devices in bulk. I'm developing in node-red, and have until now have imported the flows from a file (we had a pilot run of 4 devices). We are now looking at creating hundreds of devices, and therefore the process needs to be much more efficient. We will have devices spread across the country so we need to be able to manage them all remotely. All the devices will have the same flows but will need to be identifiable by device-ID of some sort as they are being monitored in a central dashboard.

Has anyone used Balena or any alternatives that allow them to deploy and manage devices remotely?
If so which service was the most effective?


I wrote up one approach for doing this last year -

The post talks about which was Balena's name before they completely rebranded themselves a few days after I hit publish - I really should go back up fix those references.

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Thanks for the reply, I'll have a read through it justnow!