Admin Create/Delete of subflows

Hey there,

I am hoping to create and delete subflows using the admin API. I would have expected them to have an api similar to flows, but it doesn't seem to exist. Is there a way to create and delete subflows right now?


There is no API for working directly with subflows.

It's something that ought to exist, but as the editor doesn't need such an API, it never gets very high on my priority list.

You can add/remove subflows using the /flow API using the global flow.

It isn't ideal as you have to first GET the global flow, which includes all subflows definitions and global configuration nodes, merge your updates and then post it back

Hi @knolleary ! Thanks for responding! I agree that it should exist. It definitely would help us out with our use cases for node-red.

What do you mean exactly by the "global" flow?

Are you saying to just use GET /flows and POST /flows? That is what I'll probably end up doing but it is quite a bit more convoluted than I'd like.

Or is there a special "global" flow with which I can use a GET/POST to /flow (note the lack of "s")


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