adminAuth question for multiple installs using same hash-pw string

Dear Sirs:
I am loading different machines in Windows 10 with Node-RED, and most likely running not the same version of Node-RED (worst case scenario).

If I use my desktop Windows 10 to "hash-pw" and get this code for the settings.js file, can I use the same hash-pw output string for the password I set on all these disparate systems? Or will I run into issues and not be able to login for some strange reason? Please advise.

Yes, you should be able to use the same hash. The processing used for creating a hash is standard and typically you create the hash using a cross-platform library.

The only thing to watch out for is if you put things into a file that you want to use on both platform types. If so, it is best to make sure that line endings in text files use the single character linefeed (often written as /n) rather that the traditional Windows 2 character linefeed+carriage-return. Windows is quite happy with both but often other platforms will only be able to handle the single-character linefeed.

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