adminAuth stategy role based permission

This question is asked before, but no good solution was given. I want the give the user permission base on the group he is in azure ad.

I authenticate the users with auth type strategie passport-azure-ad. Just like the example in the docs, it has a verify function. This function calls done(null, profile). The profile has a property username.

The next step is de users function. This function only excepts a user value. This is the username from the profile object passed by de verify function.

users: function (user) {
            if(user) {
                return Promise.resolve({ username: user, permissions: "*" }) 
            } else {
                return Promise.resolve(null)

How can I pass trough the permission from the verify function to the user function?
Globale variable isn't the solution, because when user logs in by cached token no authentication (validation) happens.

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