Ads1115 dropping requests

hello there currently using an ads1115 adc to read some sensors, however i have run in to issues with the system as it is consistently dropping requests the adc channels
nr adc
have been properly configured [in tree like flow see attached]. am also requesting data in 5 seconds interval .Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this issue without reinstalling NR or the OS?
thanks morris

What do you mean by 'dropping requests'?

this is the output am getting on the debug nodes
"Dropped Request to fetch value from ADC, Chip:IC_ADS1115 ADDRESS_0x48 CHANNEL_0 , Please increse the ammount of time/rate of trigger when requesting this voltage"

Are all four nodes fetching data from the same chip?
Try adding a 1 second delay node between each of the adc nodes and increase the poll rate to 10 seconds for the moment. Perhaps you are not waiting long enough between channels. If that fixes it then you can reduce the delay nodes and increase the polling rate again if necessary.

not quite the channels are triggering sequentially atleast once every 5seconds. this is much slower than the 100ms trigger rate

I don't understand what you mean, remember we don't know anything about that chipset or the node you are using. At least I don't, there may be somebody here who does.

adc1115 is an analog to digital converter that uses an i2c interface . and this is the node node-red-contrib-anolog-to-digital-converter-raspberry-pi (node) - Node-RED

it is a four channel chip channel 1 output triggers channnel 2 and so on

Have you added a debug node to the incoming message to make sure it is not being triggered more often that you think?

yes the triggers are 5 seconds apart

Did you put a delay between each request as Colin suggested?

You might be triggering every 5 sec but the time between each sequential node will be tiny (like 1ms).

Also, I am not familiar with that node. Is it not possible to request all channels in one go?

yes the delay is not causing the problem . from what i can gather so far it is a node problem as @askjerry explains here I2C ADS1115 ADC Chip - Not all channels in data
i hope he can tell me the file and directory to delete.

did anyone ever figure out the solution to this problem?

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