Node NCD-ADS1115 starts only if it is copy and pasted

Dear all,
hope you can help me.
I m using Node -Red for a while now on the raspberry pi 4. I updated yesterday to the latest stable version by using your update script.
My pi works in a test bench and controls the measurements via a I2C-Bus connected AD1115 Converter. I am measuring pressure at 4 channels (single ended)

After a long search i recognized that my AD Converter does only react and run on deploy if it is copy then node again with same parameters on the same place and reconnected with all connected nodes that have been connected before.
I recognized to that the behavior at the first deploy is different than the behavior at the second deploy.

  1. at the first deploy it disconnects and reconnects
  2. at the second deploy it just connects.

I think that the error has something to do wit the restart.

My Questions:

  • Can I generate a reconnect somehow (I2C reset?...)
  • have you a different solution

The good thing is that the error is repeatable :grinning:

Thanks for your help in advance!


Hardware Settings
Name : ...................... AD Wandler
I2C Connection : ....... I2C_Bus
Device Address : ........72
Interval in ms: .............1
Output all channels: ....YES
Output multiplier (0.000628 for mA) : 1
Chip Configuration
Gain : ......................+/-6.144V (2/3)
The "Auto" mode will determine how to configure the chip based on your other settings.
Operating Mode: Auto
Rate: 8 SPS
Multiplexer Settings
Channel : 1 Single Ended
Channel : 2 Single Ended
Channel : 3 Single Ended
Channel : 4 Single Ended
Comparator Settings: in my case not relevant because Pin is not connected
These are here for completeness, they are only useful when the ALERT/RDY pin is exposed and used Comparator Mode: Traditional
comparator w/ hysteresis
Comparator Polarity: Active low
Latching comparator: Non-latching
Comparator Queue : Disabled

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