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hi. I've got node red running monitoring my TV power to an Influx database. thats working fine, but i wanted to take it a step further. My TV keeps being left on but turned off (as in skys off but tv still powered up). I want to check a value periodically and if its been below a certain threshold for 10 minutes then turn the power to the TV off.


Can you help recommend the best way for me to capture the Power value, and periodically check to make sure its below that? Should i be using a function or other type?



The first thing I'd suggest is use a change node to extract the power value from your JSON

Ah yeah, i have that bit down. I just copied the line that outputs to influx DB but i intend to get the solo variable value. its the next bit :slight_smile:

I've achieved what i wanted in a slightly different way. I queried the InfluxDB for the max power over the last 15 minutes and if it was less than my threshold to set a Payload to OFF and send it to my MQTT Broker.

msg.query="SELECT max(Power) AS MaxPower FROM PowerMonitoring.autogen.SonoffPOW1 WHERE time > now() - 15m";
return msg;
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