Advise on opening webpage using uibuider

I use the line below to open a uibuilder instance controlcenter from within another instance

if (msg.topic == "control") {window.location.replace("","_self") }

the instance opens the uibuider instance controlcenter but the status of the uibuilder controlcenter says intialised and not connected 1 like normally?

is this the wrong command to do this or is it something else?

has me stumped :slight_smile:

look forward to some help please?

Not something I've tried or tested.

I suspect (but I'm not certain) that it may be related to using the replace function - do you really want that? It means that your browser navigation history isn't updated. Normally you would do window.location.href = '....'.

You may need to turn up logging to find out what is actually happening but it looks like the uibuilder.start function isn't being executed.

ok thanks for that information i will try logging, what is the best way to start logging?

Assuming you are using the new client, you can set the logging level for the front-end, check the tech docs for the new client, it tells you how to change the level.

For the back-end, uibuilder has loads of trace level outputs and you can just change the node-red output log level. I use a custom logging function in my test system, you can set that up in settings.js it can allow you to only look at the trace levels for specific nodes.