Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 & Other Legacy Controllers

We have Node-RED talking to a MicroLogix 1400. While a lot of our equipment has Ethernet, a large portion of it uses older controllers. Is there a module that will allow Node-RED to talk to a MicroLogix 1000 using a USB-to-RS232 converter?

I'm also having trouble talking to RSLinx, but that's a separate battle. :slight_smile:

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Lantronix has always been my go to for Ethernet to Serial. I have not used it in this scenario (I used it with Kepware's OPC server) but I would start there. Their hardware has a built in webserver that allows you to configure it and you can use Ethernet encapsulation to get data in/out the serial port or you can use their software to create a virtual COM port so you can use a standard serial setup at the application level.
Hope that helps.

Thank you for the response! Unfortunately, I think I would still need to use DF1 commands to communicate with the controller unless I'm missing something. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you will still need to talk in AB's native language, the Lantronix is merely a media converter. It sounds like you might want to look into an actual protocol/media converter I dabbled in one many years ago as a 'Plan B' for a design challenge I had but never had to implement.
AnyBus has a native AB one Connect devices with a serial DF1 protocol to Fieldbus and Ethernet
And Spectrum has a Modbus TCP <-> DF1 unit Modbus TCP to DF1 | Gateway | Protocol | Ethernet | Serial | Rockwell | Spectrum Controls
There are others around if need be, a Google search should get ya going.