Alternative to subflow

Is there a new feature in NodeRED that provides alternative functionality to subflows? Some kind of function template

I'm sure I read about it somewhere (/watched a video).

I recall thinking "wow, there are now three different ways to do a subflow - nice to know, but I'll never remember and probably never use it" but now I'd like to remember and use it.

I found node-red-contrib-reusable-flows, which is the kind of thing I'm talking about, but it doesn't look like it's part of NodeRED core and wondered if such a thing existed.

I'm guessing you mean link-call which gives you subroutine like capabilities?

Look at the second image in this post: How to process multiple data - #7 by Steve-Mcl it indicates how to avoid duplicate code (DRY) using link call

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Thanks, that's it!

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