Android Client node-red

@Acerot , that's sound good ! does someone can do a "Share your project" to see in real life ?

What about RedMobile?
Is the use different?

Thank you for the hint. This was exactly what I was looking for!

Do somebody know an app for iOS doing a similar thing. I have some unused old iPads which I like to recycle as wall panels too. Currently I'm using a "sponsored" fire 7 for 38ā‚¬ and it woks quite nicely as a wall panel. I only don`t know if I relay trust amazon or google ...

As I see it RedNode runs node-red runtime on android where wallpanel is a "kiosk" browser to display the dashboard (or any other web frontend) on an android tablet (or phone).full screen on startup , mqtt controlled and with movement detection and other cute features.

It is impossible I'm afraid since Apple don't allow it. It works on Android because underneath the skin Android is Linux (or close enough).

This is always a problem once you move outside your own domain. Many of the options for reasonably safely exposing Node-RED to the outside world also require you to put trust in 3rd-parties along the way. Only you can assess the risk and whether it is low enough to you and other loved-ones.

Personally, I use a mix. Dashboards are generally used locally with Telegram for a simple command or conversational interface remotely or locally. Occasionally I play with other clients like Home Remote but they rarely seem worth the effort to me - though plenty of other people use them really well.

i made a port node-red for ios, search 'Node-PAD' in the app store

I think that you've managed to slip under the radar of the Apple app review process since I think that this probably is against their terms and conditions?

Does it use node.js?

yup :slight_smile: i been writing ios apps since the inception of iphone 4,i think i had a good enough understanding of how an app should work to pass the review process. I had apps that have been rejected dozen of times before and its a learning process. You can actually do whatever you want as long as it is within their guidelines. Aside from it, the review in this one was longer than usual.