Android TV components

Is there components/library for controlling android TV (general, not specific model) ?
I want to control Philips android TV, but in install palette tab I can see only Bravia, LG, and some other brands (probably specific OS). What about general for android TV?

Philips have additional ambilight which would be also nice to control, but that might be too much to expect through general android TV library, probably ..

Sadly, not that I'm aware of. Every single brand implements their own layer for control on top of Android, and especially for connecting and controlling them it has to be reverse engineered for every single brand/model. Sometimes you're lucky and a series of TVs are compatible, but most of the time it's working from scratch. No such thing as a general Android TV control, as each manufacturer does things on their own. As for philips, it might be worth doing a general search online for philips <model of your tv> remote reverse engineering to see what is available. I see on that result a pylips library, which guessing by the name is Python based, and it says it has MQTT support, meaning you could use it next to your Node-RED install and connect to it over MQTT. And yes, it has ambilight support. I think this would be your best option.

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