Controlling Samsung TV NU8000

Dear good people of node red community,

I'm trying to control my NU8000 tv using node red. I installed almost every available samsungtv package, but none of them are able to control the TV, best I got was volume control, and even that requires an approval on the TV to proceed, and works only once, if I need to use the same command twice, I have to re-deploy the flow for it to work again, and it again requires confirmation on the TV.

Has anyone been able to fully control NU8000 series or similar?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Though you aren't going to be happy with this reply,

I am glad to hear it is not only me who is having problems doing just that.

I too am getting the confirmation request on the TV though I have turned it off.

So, though not exactly helpful to you, take heart that it is not only you having the problem.

Great news!

This is the answer:

Make a flow as shown

Get the token.

Select another node (I've picked the VOLDOWN one.

Then click on the edit button (as shown)

Paste the token value as shown.

Works now.

All good.


You only need to do that in ONE node.

I have just tried other buttons and they now work too.

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Wow, this is great. Thank you for your reply.
Which package did you install to get these nodes? I wanna make sure I use the same one.


The package I use

Mark the thread as solved by the post that solved it for you.

That may help others with the same problem.

GREAT !! It did solve the issue and seems to be working fine.

I'm very new to this forum, and can't figure out how to mark it as solved :slight_smile: Where do I do that?

Oh, I think it is at the bottom of the thread window.

I can't see it as I didn't create the thread.

Usually in this area:

Though that would be in the post I posted.... Not your own.

This is all I see under your post:

I just realised the problem.

You put it under "share your nodes". Not really the best.

See if you can edit the topic and "where" it is. Go to THE top and see if you can edit the topic by clicking on the TOPIC.......

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