SamsungTV Flow, help please

I hesitate to ask but i have tried for hours to get a samsung tv flow to work, no luck at all.
Have tried several contrib-samsungtv / samsungnewtv etc nodes.
I wonder if anyone has a flow they might like to share ?
I am trying to get a few KEY_POWERON -POWEROFF etc commands to run.
I greatly appreciate any ideas or tips.
Thanking you in advance

check your samsung tv is compatible. Samsung frequently change the API for Tv’s based on the model type and also the year of release.

Thanks for reply ukmoose, i have looked a little online but can't find a difinative answer on compatibility? I have a wol node that awakens my tv with mac addresss , otherwise is there a quick way to confim if it will work in node red ?
Thanks again

If you read the info for the nodes, most give either the compatibility or the specific TV it is tested with.

You will need to compare that against the TV specs you have.

Thanking you once again, i have looked at node-red-contrib-newsamsungtv and it should work on my tv from 2017. I have set up a basic flow with power on /off hdmi etc.
If i wake up tv with remote and run a node command , i get message "TV is on" in node red terminal.
What i would ask is if anyone has a flow for samsung tv running so i can have a look at their setup ..2017 series 7. I'm a little new to a lot of this so please excuse my newbie answers.


Slightly off-topic here but please note that SamsungTV calls home (viz. every FIVE seconds. I have openHAB working with SamsungTV (to get sufficient details including current channel, volume level, etc.) but your question has spurred me into digging further with Node-RED for the interface. I don't know whether the openHAB can share their interface details but a simple ping node would be my first start.

One other point, SamsungTV identifies itself as localhost (sic) and one needs the API to change it to something else that some routers will not complain about.

King regards.

Thanks for info baqwas , will look into this. Thanks

have you got any further with this, having the same issue where node-red display shows the change but state of tv doesn't change