Angular icons to use in nodered

With the dashboard button icons can be selected. That selection just shows the icon name like 'fa-refresh'. How to see more than the name? It's a bit time consuming to add and commit to see how it looks.
The dir ~/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-dashboard/dist/fonts seems to contain also icons, but how to handle files with .woff /-woff2?

Also how to use other icons or pict file instead?

Dashboard has font-awesome v4 icons available I believe. Anything starting with fa- is a font-awesome icon.

You can find all of the font-awesome v4 icons here: Font Awesome Icons v4

Yes the icon names start with 'fa-'
The page you mention has many many icons, but only 'fa-spin' is referenced on it.
Would any named icon on that page available as a dashboard icon?

I believe so, easy enough to try though.

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