[ANNOUNCE] Do-RED 0.2.1: Added easy navigation and documentation first approach

Do-RED grew to a little toolkit making life easier with Node-RED: Apart from easily defining loops, task-lists and no-ops you can now also easily navigate through your flow using corresponding actions and start defining your flow using a documentation first approach.

To support a documentation first approach, a do:replace-node-with-action is introduced that copies supported properties to the new node (like e.g. the name, the documentation and node-labels). Using e.g. a no-op do-node you can thus outline your flow first (rename the node using the do:rename-node-action to describe its function) and then replace node after node later with implementing its real functionality.

It is suggested that you add keyboard shortcuts for all the new actions. My current setting looks like this:

  • do:append-do-node: ctrl-right
  • do:rename-node: ctrl-up
  • do:replace-node-with: ctrl-down
  • do:move-cursor-left: ctrl-alt-left
  • do:move-cursor-right: ctrl-alt-right
  • do:move-cursor-up: ctrl-alt-up
  • do:move-cursor-down: ctrl-alt-down

It is planned to set these shortcuts on installation of the node (if available).

BTW: Does anyone have a hint how this can be done?

For more information, take a look at the projects page.

Please let me know what you think of the enhancements. Are they helpful? Do you miss something? Thanks for your feedback!

Cheers, Chris

I am not entirely sure what the use case for these nodes is, as loops should be avoided (paradigm). The naming of your node is not according to the packaging guidelines (see "naming"), which can create confusion to the users.

There is nothing wrong with the name. It does not start with node-red- so the naming guidance does not apply.

As for loops... Nothing wrong with loops when you need to iterate over something.

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