[ANNOUNCE] kdbx-RED - access KeePass-files from Node-RED

Hi folks,

some fresh news from our home offices: We just published kdbx-RED - a node to access KeePass-files from Node-RED.

Please take a look at it's GitLab-page for more details.

Take care in these tough times and enjoy working with Node-RED!


It's a private repo - so can't be seen without a login.

Sorry! Just fixed it. Please try again. :slight_smile:


if you are going to publish these to npm can you please look at our packaging (naming) guidelines before you do so please.... https://nodered.org/docs/creating-nodes/packaging#Naming


Just for reference as I saw the other thread before this one. Missing a reference to the repo in package.json and missing security information warning people about the risks and impact of opening a secure file into Node-RED (e.g. exposing the data to flows, having the data in-memory).

As a personal note, I keep my more sensitive id's and passwords in Keepass so that they are offline (I use Lastpass for everything else). So while I might use this node for a special Keepass database with lest sensitive data in it, I wouldn't ever use it for my main database.

Also on a not really related note. It is worth thinking about password databases as "business continuity" from a personal perspective. If I get the virus and end up in hospital, can my wife access all the accounts she needs to? If we both got it, could my children access everything they needed to?


Totally agree with you! :+1: :slight_smile:

I just added a warning to the readme.

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