Your flow credentials file is encrypted using a system-generated key

Help i'm completely new and i don't understand what to do. can someone help step by step?

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  1. Open your Node-RED settings file (typically ~/.node-red/settings.js - but Node-RED logs the full path to the file it is using so you can check).

  2. Find the credentialSecret entry. Remove the // from the start of the line to uncomment it and then change the value (a-secret-key) to be whatever string you want to use to encrypt your credentials file. You will need to remember that value if you every want to move your flows to another machine (for example).

  3. Restart Node-RED. Done.

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nano ~/.node-red/settings.js

Hi @robbe - you cannot just type the file name in. You have to open it in an editor, such as vi or nano.

where can i open that. sorry i'm very new

now i have this

Click on the fourth icon from the left (to the left of the node-red symbol) and a command prompt will open. Then follow @bakman2's instructions above. When you have edited the file press ctrl and O and press return to confirm the file you want to write, then press ctrl and X to exit nano.

now i'm here do i need to change something ?

As per above.

i can t chance anything?

If you press ctrl and W together and then type "a-secret-key" (without the quotes) and press return you should be at the line you need to change.

yes i see

do i need to do something with the key now ?
because i can't start node red yet.

As described by Nick.

i don't know but it still doesn't work?

Did you (re-)start Node-RED?

if i do node-red-restart.
command not found

node-red-stop followed by node-red-start.

no doesn't work. he is continuously Searching