[ANNOUNCE] New Nodes for Apache Pulsar

Announcement: New Nodes for Apache Pulsar

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new nodes for Apache Pulsar! :tada:

Apache Pulsar is a distributed messaging and streaming platform, ideal for applications requiring low latency and high resilience.

Key Features

  • Pulsar Producer: Send messages to a Pulsar topic.
  • Pulsar Consumer: Receive messages from a Pulsar topic.
  • Pulsar Reader: Read messages from a Pulsar topic.

These nodes use several configuration nodes:

  • Pulsar Client: Configure the connection settings for the Pulsar client.
  • Pulsar Authentication: Configure the authentication settings for the Pulsar client.
  • Pulsar Schema: Configure the schema settings for producing and consuming messages.

You can find the source code and full documentation on GitHub:

:point_right: node-red-pulsar on GitHub

Thanks for the contribution @ng-galien

But... just to let you know, you have not added this to npm

You need to publish this node, before it can be added by others in their flow
(at least in the standard way)

Once its available in npm you can then add it to the collection.

Please see : Library - Node-RED

Also, if this is a new node, the naming convention has changed.

Please see : Packaging : Node-RED.


It seems you have published already :+1:
But you name the repo node-red-contrib-pulsar be careful as to not confuse the names.

node-red-contrib-pulsar is not node-red-pulsar

This could be confusing, at least for me :crazy_face:

Unless it's just me, I will be searching for : node-red-contrib-pulsar

Now published as @ng-galien/node-red-pulsar :+1:


Hi Marcus, thx for your feedback!

I've just renamed the repo to node-red-pulsar as you suggested.

But one more question about the npm registration from Node-Red, do I have to update it manually after an updated version is published on npm?


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You do yes...

it was once automated, but I think a few problems occurred in doing so - I can't quite re-call why.

After a new update has been published to NPM, give it a few mins, and log on to the Flows website (I login with Github), find your Node, and check for updates.

Have just done this for you.

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Thank you so much!

We can think about a Github action to automate this?

One for @knolleary to answer.

But I don't think there is an API

There was an update storm by a user a while ago, and was quickly answered to, as it caused some performance hit with the catalogue.