Connect to a PULSAR broker instead of MQTT


I'm new to this forum. I manipulate a little Node-red for my home automation.
For my TUYA components, I will need to connect to a PULSAR broker instead of MQTT.
I've seen MQTT nodes but not Pulsar. Does anyone know how to use pulsar with Node-red?


I would start here on the documentation from PULSAR
It looks like they have a nodeJS client on npm.

You may be able to add it to the function node.

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I assume that you already have access to a PULSAR server? I note that, in typical (and annoying) Apache fashion, it requires Java and does not talk about memory/cpu resource constraints. If you need to run your own server, be warned that it might push a limited device such as a 1GB RAM Pi over the edge.

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The purpose of my request is not to set up a PULSAR server. I'm just looking for a node to connect to a PULSAR server on the WAN. TUYA provides the server.

@meeki007: I must admit I'm not sure of my programming skills. But I'll give it a try.

If I understand correctly, node.js code is Javascript if I use it more or less raw I should be able to use it in node Function Node-red. Is that it?

You use the npm client module @meeki007 suggested in a function node.

Here is an article that might help: Use any npm module in Node-RED • FlowFuse

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Thank you very much,

I'll look into it. I just hope that my installation with HomeAssistant won't give me any trouble.

Thanks again

Hello and thank you

I was able to look at your posts I'll have to dig into nodejs node-red interaction a bit later.

In the meantime Tuya got back to me about using Pulsar and given the prices I'm going to go back to something more basic.

Thanks again