[Announce] node-red-contrib-artless-gauge slight update

With version 0.1.46 the radial layout gives more options for line thickness but only if the layout size is at least 4x4 units. No change for linear layout as there is no space for that.

Feature request to improve readability for large displays targeted to read from distance.

With version 0.1.48 the "read from distance improvement" continues with:

  • linear layout has support for 2 units height

  • and up to 25px line thickness.

Some are now broken on my dashboard:

Do they have some layout settings different from those which are displayed correctly?

No, looks like there's some info missing for those nodes after the update and there's no default value or something?
Anyways, opening them up and saving them again fixed it, tnx.

Ok. I will look if I missed some default somewhere. Thanks for letting me know.

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