Gauge line width

i'm using artless gauge and on a previous project i have increased the line width permanently past the 3,5,7 px limit in the gauge. i get options up to 25px. on my new project i'm having problems doing that, as the options are limited. if i change it in the flow json file directly, as soon as i edit that node it goes back to the skinny line.

i was able to add more values for the dropdown on an old flow, and when i copy that node into this flow, it sticks until i make a change to node, then when i reopen it, it has the 3 basic options.

Different options apply for radial and linear layout but also for radial layout it depends on configured widget size. If it is smaller than 3, the line size options are limited. Not sure what happens with auto size. I'm currently on phone so can't really test or examine the code properly.

yep, i'm using the linear layout. the only options for line width i have is 3,5,7px. i've had it use auto, and i've made it crazy sizes (25x7) and it still will only give me those 3 options. for some reason on one of my old flows, i have odd numbers up to 25, but can't remember what i did to make that happen (if anything) both are using the same artless gauge. as stated, if i switch it in the node at the json file, it sticks until i make a change on the dashboard, then it will revert back to one of the default values

Hmm. For linear layout it takes to have height 2 units. And I'm not sure about the change the value via editing the flow json file.

ok here's the weirdness, and maybe it's just a coincidence but i noticed it:

i had a a lot of spacer nodes that were incorrected configured, and after i cleaned them up, i started getting all the options for line width in the dropdown again for the gauges. is it possible that these phantom spacers were somehow crowding the widget, not allowing it to have full size range?

Possible. Layout tools behave and affect in different manner so it kind of make every situation unique. And there's no strong advise to follow which would be magic ultimate flawless path in terms of continues dashboard development lifecycle.

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