[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-certificate-grabber: beta

Hi folks,

Long time ago that I announced a new node, due to a complete lack of free time. Hopefully that will be a bit better during the summer period ...

Anyway I had some troubles to get an FTPS connection running at home, so I wanted to check whether it was perhaps a problem with a wrong certificate being used. Of course I could have used a third-party tool like openssl, ... But since NodeJs contains already such functionality, it would be rather stupid not wrapping a custom node around it.

So I developed node-red-contrib-certificate-grabber, which allows you to inject a hostname/ipaddress and a port. And the output message will contain the certificate.

I have also added some extra fields in the output message (like daysRemaining and daysOverdue) that allow you to monitor certificates via Node-RED. For example you can send a message when your certficate will expire in a couple of days. An example flow is available on the readme page.

This node is node available on npm yet, so you can install it directly from my Github repo via following command (from within your .node-red folder):

npm install bartbutenaers/node-red-contrib-certificate-grabber

Like always, all "constructive" is very welcome!