[Announce] node-red-contrib-coqui-stt (initial release)

As I have mentioned in another thread Mozilla has ceased any real funding or development of its deepspeech speech to text project.
Fortunately most of the original core development team has stepped up to this challenge and founded their own venture to continue development of a fork under a new name:

Today I published the corresponding nodes for this:

In this initial release they act as a slightly improved drop in replacement for the deepspeech nodes.
Coqui is right now compatible with the current language models and scorers used in deepspeech but this will change in the future as coqui is in active development.
This also means I will as of now no longer maintain the deepspeech nodes and solely focus on the new coqui nodes which may also mean that at one point they won't work as a drop in replacement for the current deepspeech nodes anymore.
So I recommend that anybody using the deepspeech nodes right now should change over to the coqui nodes soon.
You can find all the available languages for coqui on their website:

As always I'm open for feedback, request and bug reports on the nodes repository:



Hi Johannes,
Thanks for explaining the relation between Deepspeech and Coqui!
Did a quick search about which languages are supported, but couldn't find it. Do you know where I can find the language list, which most probably won't contain Dutch...

Have a look in the second to last link I posted:

I think there is a Dutch model but it's not very good judging from the reported word error rate. It looks like it's more of a proof of concept than anything else.

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