[Announce] node-red-contrib-deepspeech-stt (beta)

Id like to announce the first beta commit for node-red-contrib-deepspeech-stt:

This node uses the official deepspeech node.js cpu client implementation. So just install the node from your node-red folder (normally ~/.node-red) with

npm install johanneskropf/node-red-contrib-deepspeech-stt

and deepspeech will be automatically installed as a dependency.
The node uses deepspeech 0.9.3 or later. To do speech to text inference you need to download a model (tflite) and a scorer file. For example the official english or chinese model can be found on the release page.
You need to enter the path to both the model and the scorer in the nodes config.
To do inference then send a wav buffer (16000Hz, 16bit, mono) to the nodes input in the configured msg input property.
You will receive the transcription, input length and inference time as an object in the msg.payload or in your configured output property.
If you want to do more accurate and quicker transcriptions of a limited vocabulary and sentences set you will need to train your own scorer file. Documentation on how to do this can be found in the deepspeech readme.