[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-dnsquery

Gets the DNS records of a given type of a domain name.



@Paul-Reed we can use this in the near future to troubleshoot your cloudflare issue with Letsencrypt.

@gotj: Perhaps add those screenshots to your readme page, and perhaps a link to a page with the possible record types (incl. ANY). Thanks again for your assitance!

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I'm not so sure, as the TXT record is only put in place for the period of verification, then deleted, so timing may be an obstacle.

That is true, but thanks to @gotj we now have a way to automatically start scanning for TXT records during a time period. Will be a luxury not having to refresh a dnslookup webpage over and over again. We will see how it goes, but this node will be a very good aid for such kind of use cases anyway. It is now nicely integrated into our flow...

https://github.com/xk/node-red-contrib-DNSQuery/pulls ? ... :slight_smile:

If you're on a Mac, to flush the DNS caches run sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder or you won't see a thing...

The Linux(es) don't seem to cache sooo aggressively.

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Consider it done ...

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Merged, thank you very much.

Hi @gotj. I had a quick look at this node and if you are interested, I'd like to suggest you employ typedInput widgets in place of the regular inputs and the message stating "Overridden by blah.blah.blah...".

The typedInput widget negates the need for a user to prepare change nodes or function nodes in order to move something into msg.payload.domain_name and msg.payload.record_type

Either way, good stuff at a breakneck turnaround.

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Thanks, I'll investigate, but note that I'm a total newbie and didn't even know node-red existed until a week ago. Also, "pull requests are welcomed and encouraged" ... :slight_smile:

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I suppose thats only fair :slight_smile:

So I added the typed inputs and updated the built in documentation to be a bit more node-red standard...

That ok - everyone starts somewhere - so if you look over what I did for the inputs (typedInputs) and the help info (dl/dt tags) - you will pick up a couple of common the node-red designs

A demo...

Will generate a PR soon.


Cojonudo! Merged. Thank you very much.

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